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    Patrick Heiloo
    December 13, 2013 at 12:02 pm (UTC) #412

    I was thinking about a field type that enables you to create a Google map easily.
    The name of this field is called “googlemaps” or “location”.
    Check out this visual I made for the idea:

    Google maps field type

    How does it work?

    – In the textbox you can fill in any country, state, city, streetname or postalcode. When you type a few letters/numbers a autocomplete list will pop-out where you can select a suggested location. After clicking, the map will automatically jump to the selected location. The autocomplete list is a standard feature within the Google Maps API!

    -You can also set your current location by clicking the location button (icon) on the right.

    -You can drag and drop the marker on any place you like and the location will update itself.

    – The output of this field type will be the coordinates of the selected location.

    – With the Google maps API you can build your own Google map with the coordinates of this field type. The center position of your Google map will be the coordinates from the field.

    Output example:
    Google maps field type

    Hope you like it :-)

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