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    November 3, 2014 at 7:29 pm (UTC) #1411

    I was surprised and disappointed to learn that Vafpress does not utilize any actions or filters in the settings page layout (And I assume anywhere else).

    I expected to use an action like “vp_settings_footer” which I could add additional information to, which would reside below the form. Yet there does not appear to be a clean way to “Inject” my functionality into Vafpress in this way. I cannot extend it myself.

    I suppose the framework is designed to avoid the need of actions/filters, so it’s not too surprising. But it’s barely extensible, aside from adding fields / validation / etc. It seems most of the UI is hard-coded inside views/option/set.php.

    Even if set.php remains hard-coded, if I could even just filter the path to set.php I could point it to a custom template and add my own hooks. Then it would be update-friendly, which is important. But the only possiblity seems to be modifying the original code.

    Please think about adding some actions and filters throughout the plugin, especially for the layout. They do not even have to be utilized by Vafpress itself. Just having a few do_action()‘s sprinkled around would make things easier for developers to extend Vafpress.

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